18 Most Popular WordPress Helper Plugins

  • Sidekick

    Real-time, voice-guided WordPress training and support straight from your dashboard.

  • Post Edit Toolbar

    Adds a pair of dropdowns 'Page list' and 'Post List' to the WordPress toolbar of the most recently edited pages, drafts, future sc

  • Facebook Open Graph Meta For WordPress

    Facebook Open Graph Meta For WordPress help you to add Facebook Open Graph protocol to turn your web pages into the social graph.

  • TimThumb Helper

    Helper for retrieve thumbnails, galleries and attachments apply TimThumb script if is set

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  • WordPress Shortcode-Helper

    Make your shortcodes easy to use for everyone. Doesn't matter how many or how complex they are.

  • MarketPress Shortcode Helper

    Tool that helps you generate MarketPress shortcodes from the page / post editor.

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  • PlugIntelligence

    A plugin to help navigate the WordPress plugin directory by filtering the results based on ratings and other criteria.

  • Tina MVC

    Tina MVC is a Wordpress framework that allows you to develop plugins, shortcodes and and widgets.

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  • Inline Manual

    Connect Inline Manual with your Wordpress.

  • Science Blog Helper

    Intended to help people build blogs and write posts on science. Provide functions like LaTeX support, post outline generation and so on.

  • TIVWP-DEMIA Check prerequisites

    TIVWP Academia: This plugin will not function unless certain conditions are met

  • WYSIWYG Helper

    Plugin for developers that want to use WYISIWYG in their plugins/themes.

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  • Videojuicer For Wordpress

    A helper plugin to embed Video content hosted by Videojuicer

  • Scratchpad

    Scratchpad provides users with a running notepad while composing a post in Distraction Free Mode. Notes are saved along with the post!

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any helper plugins in our post.

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