10 Most Popular WordPress Hostname Plugins

  • WP-Ban

    Ban users by IP, IP Range, host name, user agent and referrer url from visiting your WordPress's blog.

  • Any Hostname

    Any Hostname alters all WordPress-generated URLs according to the servers current hostname, allowing you to use a single site on multiple hostnames.

  • Server IP

    Server IP - Simply displays IP Address (and hostname) on the WordPress dashboard admin panel or on a public page.

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  • Dynamic Hostname

    Set hostname dynamically for the development.

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  • Parallelize

    Parallelize allows automatically parallelizing resources across multiple hostnames, speeding page load.

  • Admin IP

    Admin IP - Simply displays your IP Address (and hostname) on the WordPress dashboard admin panel.

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  • EasyBan

    Want to ban persons by their IP? Block hostnames? Or even referral links? Use AccessQontrol

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  • Gearside Developer Dashboard

    Add metaboxes on your WordPress Admin Dashboard for developer info and TODO Manager

  • WP Server Detecter

    This plugin is a really simple and quick plugin that puts the hostname of the server that the page was viewed from. This is useful if you are hosting

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  • Portly Router

    Zero-config plugin that integrates with Portly for accessing your local installation at a public URL.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite hostname plugins.

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