17 Most Popular WordPress Howdy Plugins

  • WordPress Helpers

    Take control of WordPress. Adds over 50 more settings to your admin.

  • TM Replace Howdy

    Banish the "Howdy" greeting from the WordPress admin area with this simple to use plugin!

  • Remove Howdy

    Remove the "Howdy" text in the top right corner of your dashboard.

  • Edit Howdy

    This plugin allows you to change the "Howdy" message to whatever text message you would like.

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  • Replace Howdy With Welcome

    This plugin will simply allow you to replace the "Howdy" text in the top right corner of your dashboard with "Welcome".

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  • CJ Change Howdy

    A slick WP plugin that lets you change the "Howdy" text.

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  • Howdy Tweaks

    Change "Howdy" and add more links to the Favorites drop-down

  • Kill Howdy

    Changes the text **Howdy** in the admin interface to a different greeting.

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  • Remove Howdy

    This plugin will Replace the "Howdy" with your custom text in the top right corner of your dashboard.

  • Bye Bye Howdy

    Replaces the Howdy text and underlying profile menu with a simple logout link.

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  • Greet Admin by Time

    Replaces default Howdy message with new Greeting depending on time of day

  • Howdy Against Humanity

    This plugin changes the "Howdy" in the top right corner to something much more fun (and sometimes irreverent).

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  • Sk Replace Howdy

    Allows you to change the greeting message that is at the top of your wp-admin screens

  • Howdy-2-Aloha

    Replaces the standard WordPress 'Howdy' welcome with 'Aloha'.

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