14 Most Popular WordPress Hyperlink Plugins

  • Auto-hyperlink URLs

    Version: 4.0 Automatically hyperlink text URLs and email addresses originally written only as plaintext.

  • Cross-linker

    A plugin that automatically links given words to URL's with ability to modify priority of plugin execution, and options to customize the plugin.

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  • DKOATED CTA Buttons

    Add beautiful and SEO-ready call to action buttons through shortcodes to your WordPress. No external resources, no javascript, no images!

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  • SvegliaT Buttons

    The SvegliaT Buttons is a simple plugin to put in CSS3 Buttons inside your blog with shortcode.

  • Linkify Text

    Automatically hyperlink words or phrases in your posts.

  • WP CSS Button (CTA-Button Plugin)

    The Wordpress Plugin WP CSS BUTTON is a simple and easy to configurable plugin to create CSS based CTA Buttons inside your blog.

  • Internal Link Manager

    Easily manage automated internal links throughout your website

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  • Remove Links in Comments

    A very simple plugin that prevents Wordpress from automatically creating hyperlinks in the comments section.

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  • ThumbSniper

    This plugin dynamically shows preview screenshots of hyperlinks as tooltips on your WordPress site.

  • Simple Link

    This is a simple plugin that enables you to add hyperlinks to a post on selected text with just a click!

  • 3D Facebook Button

    The Wordpress Plugin 3D FACEBOOK BUTTON is a simple and easy to configure plugin to create a button that shows how many likes your URL has.

  • Smartlinker

    Smartlinker is a toolbar on the WordPress TinyMCE editor that enables you to hyperlink words and phrases in your blog.

  • G Auto-Hyperlink

    Plugin that automatically converts a text/keyword in a post or page into an anchor text.

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  • rvw Add Link

    Easily add links and menus to your posts or pages.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite hyperlink plugins.

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