16 Most Popular WordPress Instant Plugins

  • CM On Demand Search And Replace

    Searches and replaces the words, phrases and HTML in real time throughout the content without changing the database.

  • Instant Search & Suggest

    Instant WordPress search with search suggestions for tags, categories and titles.

  • WP-InstantBackup

    WP-InstantBackup makes it simple to perform database and/or directory backups via FTP, Email, or both.

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  • Quick Post Management

    QPM adds page/post management links for one-click actions as drafting, private/public, opening/closing comments/trackbacks, trashing/deleting, etc

  • WP Ajax Search Widget

    Displays instant search results directly beneath a search widget.

  • WP Chat

    WP Chat embeds Jaxl IM which is a simple easy to use communicator for websites with Instant Messaging, Social Networking and Sharing capabilities.

  • EM Instant Image Resize

    Resize images from your theme templates, on-the-fly.

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  • Superfast Search Basic

    The easy to use results-as-you-type search box. Widget and shortcode.

  • AjaxChat

    This plug-in provides a simple chat system integrated into your blog.

  • Lazy Moderator

    Comment moderation for the lazy! Provides quick-yet-secure one-click links to moderate comments.

  • WordPress Hovercards

    WordPress Hovercards is a lightweight plugin that integrates hovercards for your WordPress posts & pages.

  • WP Instant

    Integrates a google instant search to your blog. The wp-instant pluing uses the Ajax.Updater function of script.aculo.us and the Form.Element.DelayedO

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  • CSSrefresh

    Small plugin for web developers, that monitors and refresh your css immediately after saving it

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  • Search Live

    Search Live supplies integrated live search facilities and advanced search features.

  • Instant4wordpress

    This plugin is a port of Instant.js (polaroid style images - http://www.netzgesta.de/instant/).. to wordpress.

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  • Pushie

    Push notifcations to your device on certain events

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