12 Most Popular WordPress License Plugins

  • Add Post URL

    This plugin allows you to insert a user specific text (such as copyright, credit, advertisement, etc.) at the beginning/ending of your posts.

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  • Creative Commons Configurator

    Helps you publish your content under the terms of Creative Commons and other licenses.

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  • iCopyright Toolbar

    Find current articles from leading publishers and websites. Republish them with one click. Plus, syndicate and monetize your own content.

  • creative commons license widget

    Version: 0.7 Creation time: 12/05/2007 Last updated: 22/07/2008 Adds a sidebar widget to display creative commons license (supports all 3.0 licenses)

  • Credit Tracker

    A simple way to show credits for the images used on your website.

  • Easy CC License

    An easy to use shortcode for inserting a Creative Commons license image or license block to your posts or pages.

  • wplicense

    Allows selection of a Creative Commons license for blog content.

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  • Comment License

    Add license terms to your comment form.

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  • Creative Commons Generator

    This plugin display a Creative Commons banner below your posts in WordPress. All metadata included.

  • Creative Commons License Manager

    The Wordpress interface for managing media is extended to have an option to specify a CC license for uploaded content. When aforementioned content is

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  • Software License Manager

    Create and manage license keys for your software applications easily

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  • Image Credits nofollow

    Adds credits to the media uploads: Source and source URL. URLs are nofollow by default.

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