19 Most Popular WordPress Limit Plugins

  • GD bbPress Attachments

    Implements attachments upload to the topics and replies in bbPress plugin through media library and adds additional forum based controls.

  • Frontpage Manager

    Lets you customize how your frontpage and/or main posts page appears in a number of ways: limiting by category/ies, number of posts, number of words/c

  • WP Overview (lite) Footer Memory Usage

    Show Overview and Memory Usage on WordPress Dashboard, Memory Load on Footer Admin Control Panel with less mem consumption! Full 3.1+ compatible.

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  • Custom Post Limits

    Version: 3.6 Independently control the number of posts listed on the front page, author/category/tag archives, search results, etc.

  • Whitelist IP For Limit Login Attempts

    This plugin allows you whitelist IP addresses so Limit Login Attempt plugin doesn't block them.

  • WP Overview (lite) MU Footer Memory Usage

    Show Overview and memory usage on Wordpress Dashboard, with less load consumption. Full compatible with WordPress 2.9.2 MU.

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  • Cerber Limit Login Attempts

    Protects site against brute force attacks. Restrict login by IP access lists. Limit login attempts. Comprehensive control of user activity.

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  • jonimo Simple Redirect

    Easily redirect users with specific roles to any url, page, tag or category a set number of times when they login or logout.

  • Paged Comments

    Breaks down comments into a number of pages

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  • wpmathpub

    Display mathematical equations within your posts and comments.

  • Remove ADD NEW PAGE Capability

    This plugin will disable all non-admin users (with sufficient capability), from creating and adding new pages in your blog.

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  • Login Dongle

    The bookmark to login nobody but you. Simple and secure.

  • SensitiveTagCloud

    This wordpress plugin provides a tagcloud that shows tags depending of the current context (e.g. Category, Author, Tag, Post) only. The tag-links of t

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  • Limit Image Size

    Limit Image Size will save space in disk and bandwith resizing large images when you upload them to WordPress.

  • Limit Post Titles

    Limit post titles (including pages and custom post types) within the WordPress dashboard.

  • Limit Access WP Plugin

    Limits the number of simultaneous sessions a user can host, via IP.

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  • Limit Widgets

    A plugin for WordPress that limits the number of widgets in a sidebar.

  • PhotoJAR: Base

    PhotoJAR: Base provides numerous enhancements to the Wordpress gallery and provides a framework for additional PhotoJAR plugins.

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  • AccessQontrol

    Make your blog private? Block everyone, even registered users. Or a selection of them... Need a maintenance mode? Or just want the site to youself.. I

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