20 Most Popular WordPress Load Plugins

  • WP Overview (lite) Footer Memory Usage

    Show Overview and Memory Usage on WordPress Dashboard, Memory Load on Footer Admin Control Panel with less mem consumption! Full 3.1+ compatible.

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  • WP Super Minify

    A very light weight plugin, combines, minifies, and caches inline JavaScript and CSS files on demand to speed up page loads.

  • Batcache

    Batcache uses Memcached to store and serve rendered pages.

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  • WP Overview (lite) MS

    show dashboard overview and footer memory usage with less consumption on network multi~site environment

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  • Loading Page with Loading Screen

    Loading Page with Loading Screen plugin performs a pre-loading of images on your website and displays a loading progress screen with percentage of com

  • Extra Visual Editor Buttons Tinymce Buttons

    Simple plugin adds extra buttons like font family, font size, hr and more to the default WordPress Tinymce Visual Editor.

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  • WP-Protect (no right clicking, text selection, or image dragging)

    Protect your WordPress site against right clicks, text selection, and image dragging.

  • Crazy Lazy

    Lazy load images. Simple to use: Activate, done. Search engine and noscript user friendly.

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  • WP Overview (lite) MU Footer Memory Usage

    Show Overview and memory usage on Wordpress Dashboard, with less load consumption. Full compatible with WordPress 2.9.2 MU.

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  • Redis Object Cache

    A persistent object cache backend powered by Redis. Supports HHVM's Redis extension, the PCEL Redis Extension and the Predis library for PHP.

  • Image Lazy Load (Unveil.js)

    Lazy load content images using the unveil.js jQuery plugin. Improves site performance.

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  • Memory Load and db size Usage

    Indicate WordPress Memory Consumption and db size Usage on Backend Control Panel Footer and Show Max Memory Load Peak on Admin Bar or ToolBar.

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  • JSON Content Importer

    Plugin to import, cache and display a JSON-Feed. Connect your Wordpress to an API / Webservice. Display is done with wordpress-shortcode.

  • javascript-image-loader

    Block images only loading images that user see.

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  • Simple Site Speed

    Add page load times for admins on the front-end.

  • JavaScript AutoLoader

    Load JavaScript files without changing files in the theme directory or installing several plugins to add all the desired functionality

  • Warm Cache

    Crawls your website-pages based on your google XML sitemap. If you have a caching plugin or Varnish/nginx caching this will keep your cache warm. Spee

  • WP Server

    Show average server load and uptime of your linux server on top in admin panel

  • Strictly System Check

    Strictly System Check is a plugin that periodically checks your site checking your database and server and reporting if any problems are found.

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  • Landing Pages, SEO Content. Increase sales & leads

    Landing Pages increase sales, traffic, registrations on your website

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite load plugins.

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