17 Most Popular WordPress Localisation Plugins

  • Loco Translate

    Translate WordPress plugins and themes directly in your browser

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  • WCM User Language Switcher

    Adds a button to the admin toolbar. This buttons allows users to seamlessly switch between available languages.

  • Flags Widget

    A simple plug-in that displays flag icons that link to other language versions of your blog.

  • en_GB (British English) Translation

    Fixes those little things in WordPress like misplaced vowels and over-use of the letter Z.

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  • Localize.js - Website Translation Integration

    Translate your WordPress site into multiple languages in minutes.

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  • Bablic Localization

    Translate your Wordpress site in minutes using Bablic. Choose from machine or human translation, edit text, images & css with just one-click.

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  • Region Detect

    A plugin that allows personalisation by displaying the visitors country name in posts and pages.

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  • Replace Default Words

    Replace the default words in the core, plugins and themes

  • GlotPress Notify

    notify WordPress users when new GlotPress translations strings are awaiting review

  • Weglot Translate

    Translate your website site into multiple languages in minutes without doing any code. Totally SEO compatible, following Google's best practice.

  • Transifex Live Translation Plugin

    Translate your WordPress website or blog without the usual complex setups.

  • Translation Exchange - Translate Your WordPress Site In Minutes!

    Translate your WordPress site in minutes.

  • Transifex Live Integration

    Easily integrate Transifex Live (Beta) into your WordPress site.

  • Smartling Connector

    Translate content in WordPress quickly and easily with Smartling’s Global Fluency Platform.

  • Lilith Glocalization

    Lilith Glocalization provides two simple ways to display post or page in multiple languages.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite localisation plugins.

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