10 Most Popular WordPress Lookup Plugins

  • Antispam for all fields

    Plugin to reject spam. Port from same author from http://www.phpbbantispam.com Actually visits the URL from commenter to spider for spamwords.

  • CongressLookup

    Give your visitors the ability to lookup US Congress members for specific zip codes and addresses.

  • CF Internal Link Shortcode

    Site reorganization-proof internal linking via shortcodes, referencing page/post IDs.

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  • Powie's WHOIS

    Check Domain WHOIS Lookup for availability. Simple insert the [pwhois] shortcode on a page or post

  • World Flags

    Add country flags anywhere in your Wordpress blog using simple shortcodes and/or widgets, or show visitor country flag based on their IP address.

  • abuse.ch httpBL check

    Check if a visitor is listed on httpBL.abuse.ch, see http://dnsbl.abuse.ch/faq.php#about_httpbl for more information.

  • Thesaurus

    This plugin allows you to add a thesaurus lookup to your sidebar, or anywhere else. Thesaurus service provided by words.bighugelabs.com.

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  • Postcodes4U Address Finder

    "Postcodes4U Address Finder" lets you look up an address using a UK Postcode. Includes WooCommerce Integration and a Contact Form.

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  • Voip Call Charges Lite

    The plugin allows a user to install a VoIP Call Charges calculator by widget or short-code.

  • PHPull

    Easily reference a PHP function and have it displayed in a styled tooltip on hover.

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