15 Most Popular WordPress Lyrics Plugins

  • Simple Select All Text Box

    This plugin makes it easy to create a simple text box which automatically selects everything inside with one click.

  • Chords and Lyrics

    ChordsAndLyrics will format staffless lead sheets.

  • WP Lyrics

    Simple plugin to hide the lyrics of the songs you publish (they will be between [lyrics] and [/lyrics]). You can also use it for spoilers or any text

  • WP Songbook

    Wordpress plugin, that allows people to manage song lyrics and adds many other features to edit them.

  • Bizarski Cute Records

    Showcase your albums and tracks. Great for artists and record labels.

  • HTML5 Lyrics Karaoke Player

    HTML5 Lyrics Karaoke Player Plugin enable wordpress users to sing and play song text lyrics. **Free Features** * Supports MP3 formats * Supports T

  • QuoteWorthy

    Displays a randomly chosen quote/song lyric/whatever from a list that you provide in the sidebar as a widget.

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  • Keymaster Chord Notation Free

    Easily add chords and lyrics to any WordPress website using shortcodes! Users can print just the content you choose (the lyrics and chords).

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  • PoemFormatter

    A plugin that allows to format poems in a proper and easy way. It provides some small control tags to allow adjustment to the layout.

  • Lyric Wiki Search Widget

    Adds a sidebar widget to search for song lyrics on the LyricWiki.org site.

  • Don't Stop Believing

    When DSB is activated, you will see lyrics from random Journey's classic hits in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.

  • Never Gonna Give You Up

    Displays the lyrics to the Rick Astley song "Never Gonna Give You Up" in the top right corner of the admin panel.

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  • Underneath The Water

    Rotates lyrics to EURYTHMICS - JENNIFER in the Wordpress admin (much like Hello, Dolly)

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  • WP Audio Verse

    The WP Audio Verse plugin help to publish Holy Quran, online course, holy bible, verse, sermons, lyrics, poem, spoken english publish, online english

  • LyricStatus Search Widget

    Adds a sidebar widget to search for song lyrics on the LyricStatus.com site.

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