19 Most Popular WordPress Marctv Plugins

  • MarcTV Twitch Menu Status

    Add your Twitch Status to your navigation menu.

  • Lazy Responsive Video Embed

    Loads an image with play icon instead of an embed code which is only embedded after the image has been clicked.

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  • MarcTV Comment Quicktags

    Displays bold, italic, add link and quote buttons on top of the comment form

  • MarcTV Moderate Comments

    Grants visitors the ability to report inappropriate comments and admins to replace and trash them in the frontend.

  • MarcTV Galleria

    A neat simple sliding responsive image gallery with fullscreen support.

  • MarcTV jQuery colorbox

    Loads the jquery colorbox plugin http://colorpowered.com/colorbox/ and the marctv colorbox skin

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  • MarcTV Bigger Fullscreen Font

    Increases the font size in fullscreen mode of the tinymce editor.

  • Lazy Loading Responsive Images

    Lazy loading Images plugin that works with responsive images introduced in Wordpress 4.4.

    no screenshot found
  • MarcTV Remove img height

    Removes the height attribute from all images in the content.

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  • MarcTV Comment Thread Reply Button

    Places an additional reply button at the end of the comment thread.

  • MarcTV Art Directed Blogging

    Simple put powerfull: adds the ability to reference a css file with a custom field for each article.

  • MarcTV Flickr Bar

    Displays a list of flickr images of a specific account id.

    no screenshot found
  • MarcTV Last Commented Posts

    Displays the last commented posts or custom post types

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  • MarcTV XBOX 360Voice Blog

    Displays the latest entries of your 360 voice gamerdna blog either as a widget for your sidebar or as a customizable function.

  • MarcTV YouTube Bar


    no screenshot found

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite marctv plugins.

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