10 Most Popular WordPress Mediawiki Plugins

  • Wiki

    Create a wiki as easily as adding a post

  • Wiki Embed

    Wiki Embed lets you embed mediawiki pages in to your site, sites like Wikipedia

  • Syntax Highlighter and Code Colorizer for Wordpress

    This is a wordpress syntax highlighting plugin. It is simple and probably one of the best syntax highlighters in the market. URL: http://www.lastengi

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  • RDP Wiki-Press Embed

    RDP Wiki-Press Embed lets you embed MediaWiki pages in to your site, from sites like Wikipedia, and PediaPress book pages.

  • Wikiful Mediawiki Bridge

    Wikiful is a plugin that integrates the powerfull Mediawiki software with Wordpress.

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  • WelcomeWiki Lite

    WelcomeWiki Lite lets users embed an entire MediaWiki page or a section from a MediaWiki page into their Wordpress or non-WordPress site.

  • WP Wiki Tooltip

    Adds explaining tooltips querying their content from a MediaWiki installation, e.g. Wikipedia.org.

  • Wiki Append

    Append a mediawiki page at the end of the regular wordpress page.

  • WP-MarkupCollection

    This plugin allows you to write posts using Markdown, DokuWiki, MediaWiki, reStructuredText, textile, HatenaSyntax, BBcode, etc.

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  • CMS2CMS: Automated MediaWiki to WordPress Migration

    Migrate your website content from MediaWiki to WordPress easily and automatedly in just a few simple steps.

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