12 Most Popular WordPress Meta-tags Plugins

  • Insert Headers and Footers

    This plugin allows you to add extra scripts to the header and footer of your blog by hooking into wp_head and wp_footer.

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  • Basic SEO Pack

    Simple but complete SEO Pack to make your site SEO Friendly. Quick way to add meta tags to your post and pages using WP custom fields.

  • Meta Tag Manager

    This plugin will allow you to easily add and manage special meta tags to your whole site, such as Yahoo and Google verification tags.

  • NextGEN Facebook - Complete Meta Tags for FB, Google, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn & More

    Display your content in the best possible way on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. - no matter how your webpage is shared!

  • WordPress Social Sharing Optimization - Improves Editing / Publishing / Shared Content

    Fast, light-weight, full-featured plugin for great looking shares on all social sites - no matter how your content is shared or re-shared!

  • Open Graph Pro

    Adds Open Graph tags to your blog. Control how your posts and pages are presented on Facebook and other social media sites. No configuration needed.

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  • WordPress Meta Keywords

    This plugin gives you the ability to set Meta Keywords in WordPress. Under pages it will registrate a separate taxonomy for keywords.

  • Custom Headers and Footers

    This plugin adds custom header and footer for main page content.

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  • Simple Meta Tags

    Allows you to set global meta tags and customize on each individual page/post.

  • Facebook Featured Image and Open Graph Meta Tags

    This plugin will place automatically generated Open Graph meta tags.

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  • Like-Button-Plugin-For-Wordpress

    This plugin adds a Like-Button wherever you want on your blog. Before or after the content as well as a sidebar-widget. And many more!

  • WordPress Meta Description

    With this plugin you can control the text which will be shown as description on the search engine results pages.

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