16 Most Popular WordPress Mime Plugins

  • Enhanced Media Library

    A better management for WordPress Media Library

  • Media Library Assistant

    Enhances the Media Library; powerful [mla_gallery], taxonomy support, IPTC/EXIF/PDF processing, bulk/quick edit actions and where-used reporting.

  • Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)

    SVG files are two-dimensional vector graphics, that can be both static and dynamic. This plugin allows your to easily use them on your site.

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  • Quick Featured Images

    Your time-saving Swiss Army Knife for featured images: Set, replace and delete them in bulk, set default images, get overview lists.

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  • SVG Support

    Allow SVG file uploads using the WordPress Media Library uploader plus direct styling of SVG elements using CSS.

  • PJW Mime Config

    Allows you to extend the list of mime-types supported by the builtin uploader.

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  • AP Extended MIME Types

    This plugin extends the allowed uploadable MIME types to include a WIDE range of file types. Created specifically for WPMS...

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  • WP Add Mime Types

    The plugin additionally allows the mime types and file extensions to WordPress.

  • Attachment File Icons (AF Icons)

    A plugin to display file type icons adjacent to files added to pages/posts/widgets. Feature to upload icons for different file types provided.

  • Mime Types Extended

    This Plugin extends the allowed mimetypes from the media upload dialog

  • Upload File Type Settings Plugin

    This plugin allows admins to specify additional file types that are allowed for uploading to the blog.

  • Add more files extensions

    Add more files extensions with a new field in your Medias Settings.

  • Media Mime Types

    Allow control mime types and filter them in media page

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  • Only Media Uploads

    Restrict uploads to common Media file types only (images: jpg, gif, png | videos: wmv, avi, mpeg, mp4, mkv)

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  • Mime Types Plus

    Add the mime type that can be used in the media library to each file type.

  • View Shortcodes

    The plugin is for displaying active shortcodes.

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