13 Most Popular WordPress Minecraft Plugins

  • Minotar

    Minotar enables the use of Minecraft avatars in WordPress.

  • MinecraftServerStatus

    MinecraftServerStatus widget is displaying MC server status and player count

  • Game Server Status

    Get the live status and details of your game server ( minecraft, counter strike, sa:mp ). Widget + Shortcodes

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  • Minecraft Block

    Your very own rotating Minecraft block! The Minecraft Block plugin is a great deal of fun and is super easy to use.

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  • Minecraft Server Status Checker

    Plugin for displaying Minecraft Server status

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  • Minecraft Item Library

    Adds the ability to create a Minecraft item/block/recipe/monster library using custom post types.

  • Minecraft Validator

    Authenticate new users against the minecraft.net valid user database.

  • Minepic

    Replace wordpress avatars with minecraft skins.

  • MCstatus

    MCstatus is a WordPress Widget that enables you to show data from a Minecraft server.

  • MCStatusWidget

    MCStatusWidget is a widget which show INFO Of Bukkit server.

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  • Minecraft Map to Image

    Save your Minecraft map files as images to the Media Library.

  • Minecraft Auth

    This plugin restricts users from registering unless the username registered is a premium Minecraft username.

  • Minecraft Control Panel

    Zeigt Informationen über Deinen Minecraftserver im Front- und Backend an. Mit User- und Gruppenverwaltung, Pluginsteuerung und Serverkontrolle.

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