14 Most Popular WordPress Monetise Plugins

  • Ad Injection

    Injects any adverts (e.g. AdSense) into the WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees ads by post length/age/referrer or IP.

  • CM Ad Changer

    Manage, Track and Report the Advertising Campaigns and Banners on Your Site. Turn your WP into an Ad Server!

  • Free Books Section

    This plugin enables you to provide your visitors with quality content for free. It will keep people coming back to your site as we will be adding to t

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  • RevenueHits Official Plugin

    Easiest way to Monetize your WordPress website.

  • Wordpress Mobile Gesture Monetization by errnio

    A unique monetization tool for your mobile site, creating a bannerless monetization source of revenue for your wordpress site.

  • Wordpress Scroll to Top for Mobile

    The errnio Mobile Scroll to Top plugin adds a simple and styled button at the bottom-right of the site. It appears once the user scrolls down.

  • Clk.im Monetization

    Easiest way to monetize your WordPress website

  • Vidlinkr

    The easy way to make money from video content. Coull Vidlinkr turns every video on your website into a revenue stream in minutes.

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  • Wordpress Mobile Web Search by errnio

    The errnio Wordpress Mobile Web Search plugin adds a floating search box to your site, creating far better search experience for mobile.

  • Cemmerce

    Cemmerce - Where Content meet Commerce - Cemmerce automatically converts your blog product references into live commerce links.

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  • Cred Micropayments

    Cred is a payment system for Wordpress that allows you to monetize your content or digital media (such as e-books, music or videos) through micropaym

  • adgoal

    Using adgoal, you can monetize your content by the automated affiliation of external links.

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  • Rentabiliweb Ads

    Monetize your blog by offering your visitors/readers to buy advertising space on your blog.

  • AutoMonAdFly

    Automatic Shorten a URL in content post using AdFly and masked with other Shortner Services

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite monetise plugins.

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