13 Most Popular WordPress Mood Plugins

  • MyEffecto-Instant Visual Feedback

    Customizable emotion-based widget, which help to increase your Blog Engagement.

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  • MoodThingy Mood Rating Widget

    Adds a one-click real-time mood rating widget to all of your posts.

  • Cricket Moods

    Cricket Moods is a flexible "mood tag" WordPress plugin. It allows an author to add one or more "moods" to every post.

  • FL3R FeelBox

    Adds an one-click real-time mood rating FeelBox to all of your posts. Oh, there is also a widget.

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  • My Mood Comment

    This plugin can help readers express their attitude to your archives quickly.And everyone can easily know others' attitude. (based on mood commen

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  • MyMood

    MyMood is Wordpress Plugin used to show your status message to your visitor .

  • MyStatus

    A Simple Wordpress plug-in which enables you to show a current status/mood on your website.

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  • CurrentStatus

    This plugin is used to show your current "status" and "mood" on blog.

  • MySmark Plugin

    Upgrade comments and sharing of your blog and engage your visitors with emotional tagging via MySmark.

  • Moodlight

    Moodlight allows your visitors to add their mood on posts via comments.

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  • Smood it

    Do you want to know how people feel about your posts? This plugin adds a Smood it widget at the end of every blog post.

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  • Empathy

    You're emotional. Empathy understands. Make your emotions an integral part of your site with the Empathy mood and emotion plugin.

  • WP Reactions Box

    Full-featured & real-time emotion/mood rating plugin which allows visitor to rate individual post though smilie icons.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite mood plugins.

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