11 Most Popular WordPress Orbisius Plugins

  • Child Theme Creator by Orbisius

    Create Child Themes quickly and easily from any theme that you have currently installed on your site/blog.

  • Whitelist IP For Limit Login Attempts

    This plugin allows you whitelist IP addresses so Limit Login Attempt plugin doesn't block them.

  • Orbisius Simple Notice

    This plugin allows you to show a simple notice to alert your users about server maintenance, new product launches etc.

  • Orbisius bbPress Signature

    This plugin allows your users to have signatures in a bbPress powered forum.

  • Orbisius bbPress Enhancer

    This plugin adds missing or not yet implemented functionality to bbPress.

  • Orbisius bbPress Notify Me On Follow Up Replies

    The plugin makes the checkbox 'Notify me of follow-up replies via email' always to be checked (that's under post reply).

  • Orbisius Quick Nav

    This plugin allows you to quickly switch between pages, posts, or any other custom post types.

  • Orbisius Quick Follow

    Generates quick follow buttons for multiple twitter accounts e.g. follow the influencers.

  • Orbisius Simple Feedback

    Generates a nice & simple Feedback form which is positioned at the bottom center of your visitor's browser window.

  • Orbisius Resume Organizer

    Orbisius Resume Organizer allows you to organize resumes sent from job applicants for later use.

  • Orbisius Just Write

    Allows you to post content on multiple WordPress sites from one central location.

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