15 Most Popular WordPress Path Plugins

  • Google Map

    Huge-IT Google Map. One more perfect tool from Huge-IT. Improved Google Map, where we have our special contribution.

  • Google Maps

    Huge-IT Google Maps. One more perfect tool from Huge-IT. Improved Google Maps, where we have our special contribution.

  • Social Icons Widget

    Displays a list of social media website icons and a link to your profile.

  • WP Original Media Path

    Displays the fields to change the url and file upload

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  • Relative Image URLs

    Creates relative URLs for images when inserting into posts.

  • Widget Logic by Path

    Widget Logic by Path adds URL path pattern based logic to Widget Logic.

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  • Upload Url and Path Enabler

    Get the media upload path and url setting fields back in WP 3.5+.

  • URL & Path Shortcodes

    This is a simple plugin that allows you to use common WordPress URL's and Paths in the post editor using shortcodes.

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  • root Cookie

    Changes the cookie default path to / (i.e. the whole domain.com not just domain.com/blog) with an option to go across subdomains

  • jBreadCrumb Aink

    Adds a breadcrumb navigation showing the current location.

  • Virtual Theme

    Virtual Theme allows you to switch themes based on virtual paths, making an entire site accessible through multiple themes based on their URL prefix.

  • Hot Breadcrumbs

    Hot Breadcrumbs widget shows a pathway (breadcrumbs) with link hierarchy of your site.

  • pathbar

    This plugin shows the path to the page or post the user is currently surfing.

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  • WP Google Auto Directions Path Finder

    Calculates the best route between two points using google directions. With auto detection for both points.

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  • Path Access

    This plugin gives you the ability to call the 404.php template file or your own custom template file for specific paths where a user is not logged int

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite path plugins.

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