19 Most Popular WordPress Permalinks Plugins

  • Shortcodes Ultimate

    Supercharge your WordPress theme with mega pack of shortcodes

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  • WP No Category Base

    This plugin removes the mandatory 'Category Base' from your category permalinks (e.g. `/category/my-category/` to `/my-category/`).

  • Velvet Blues Update URLs

    Updates all urls and content links in your website.

  • Social Media Feather - lightweight social media sharing and follow buttons

    Super lightweight, simple, nice, modern looking and effective social media sharing and following buttons and icons on your site quick and easy

  • WP No Category Base - WPML compatible

    This plugin removes the mandatory 'Category Base' from your category permalinks. It is compatible with WPML.

  • Root Relative URLs

    Converts all URLs to root-relative URLs for hosting the same site on multiple IPs, easier production migration and better mobile device testing.

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  • Custom Post Type Permalinks

    Edit the permalink of custom post type.

  • Edit Author Slug

    Allows an admin (or capable user) to edit the author slug of a user, and change the author base.

  • Nice Trailingslashit

    The plugin will be allways add "/" at the permalink's end but the content(single) page's end.

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  • Remove Category URL

    This plugin removes '/category' from your category permalinks. (e.g. `/category/my-category/` to `/my-category/`)

  • Nginx Helper

    Cleans nginx's fastcgi/proxy cache or redis-cache whenever a post is edited/published. Also does few more things.

  • WP Permalauts

    Deutsche Umlaute in Permalinks von WordPress

  • WP htaccess Control

    Interface to customize the permalinks (author, category, archives and pagination) and htaccess file generated by WordPress.

  • WP-No-Tag-Base

    This plugin will completely remove the mandatory 'Tag Base' from your tag permalinks (e.g. `/tag/my-tag/` to `/my-tag/`).

  • No category parents

    Removes category parents from your category permalinks. Now it also works for the posts permalinks, when using the /%category%/ permastruct.

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  • Media Tags

    Provides ability to tag media/attachments via Media Management screens

  • Permalink Finder Plugin

    Never get a 404 page not found again. If you have restructured or moved your blog, this plugin will find the right post or page every time.

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  • Permalink Redirect

    Redirects all crap away from the end of the URL.

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  • Permalinks Moved Permanently

    If you just migrated your Wordpress blog from one permalink structure to another, and you don't want to lose Pagerank or traffic that accesses your bl

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