10 Most Popular WordPress Pingbacks Plugins

  • Spam Free WordPress

    Todd Lahman's comment spam blocking plugin that blocks automated spam with zero false positives.

  • Simple Trackback Disabler

    A utility plugin that runs database operations on your WP database to change settings and clean up unwanted trackbacks, pingbacks, and comments.

  • MP Spam Be Gone

    MP Spam Be Gone is the simplest, most effective Spam blocker.

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  • Hide Trackbacks

    Stops trackbacks and pingbacks from showing up as comments on posts.

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  • Pingback Killer

    Pingback Killer disables all of WordPress' pingback functionality.

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  • Wizzart - Recent Comments

    Display your recent comments the way YOU like and use fantastic looking comments by default!

  • Deep Link Engine

    Each time you create a new post it shows a list of possible pingback enabled blogs with relevant contents to your blog entry. You can then choose ones

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  • Remove Pingback-Trackback Comments

    One step process to remove pingbacks and trackbacks and leave only real user opinions in your posts comments.

  • Pingcrawl

    Pingcrawl adds a "Possibly related posts" capability by querying Google Blog Search for post tags and pinging the results. Limits are configurable.

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  • Moderate Pingbacks

    Automatically puts all pingbacks into the comment moderation queue.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite pingbacks plugins.

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