10 Most Popular WordPress Profiling Plugins

  • Query Monitor

    View debugging and performance information on database queries, hooks, conditionals, HTTP requests, redirects and more.

  • WPDB Profiling

    This plugin will give you the total number of queries to the db per page, as well as the total time it took to render those queries out to the page.

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  • GetSmily

    GetSmily the provider of Emolytics : Emotions and Web Analytics

  • Debugger

    Code for debugging code

  • Simple Debug

    Analyzes WordPress website performance, helps to locate slow function hooks.

  • WP XHProf Profiler

    Adds PHP profiling support to your Wordpress using Facebook's XHProf Profiler.

  • MySQL Monitor

    SqlMe - MySQL monitoring and profiling tool for developers and administrators.

  • MySQL Profiler

    Displays a list of each page's SQL queries and the functions calling them that can be searched and sorted by time, type, etc.

  • PMC Benchmark

    A benchmarking plugin to profile slow hooks.

  • What's running

    Lists WordPress require() calls mainly for plugin code refactoring.

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