12 Most Popular WordPress Read Plugins

  • Easy Footnotes

    Easy Footnotes let's you quickly and easily add footnotes throughout your WordPress posts using a simple shortcode in the text editor.

  • Read More Copy Link

    Ever wanted to attach a read more link to copied content? Now you can, introducing - Read More, Copy Link.

  • PressForward

    PressForward provides an integrated workflow for curating content aggregated from the web.

  • WordPress SQL Backup

    WP Backup is a plugin that allows you to easily preform an sql backup and and create a tar and gzipped backup of your /wp-content/ directory from with

  • Currently Reading

    Displays a cover image of a book with a link to Google Books based on a supplied ISBN-10 or ISBN-13.

  • GlobalQuran

    Easily add Quran on your website. This plugin let's you easily add 100+ Quran text translation and audio on your site.Demo http://GlobalQuran.com

  • Time2Read

    This plugin calculates the average time a normal user will take to read an article.

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  • bbPress Go To First Unread Post

    Allows registered bbPress users to quickly jump to the first unread post in a topic.

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  • Badges

    Display a set of badges based on files in a directory off the root of the blog.

  • Access Control by Category

    Control access to registered users only of certain posts by assigning the "Subscribed" category to those posts. In additions, any texts wit

  • Read Next Fly Box

    This plugin will create a read next post box, the data is fetched from the Wordpress database randomly. The objective is to decrease the bounce rate o

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  • Read Text File

    A simple wordpress plugin to display a text file using a shortcode.

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Should we add any read plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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