16 Most Popular WordPress Real-time Plugins

  • Better Google Analytics

    Track everything with Google Analytics (clicked links, emails opened, YouTube videos being watched, etc.). Includes real time Analytics dashboard.

  • Woopra Analytics Plugin

    This plugin adds Woopra's real-time customer analytics to any WordPress installation.

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  • heatmap for Wordpress - Realtime analytics

    Real-time analytics and event tracking for your WordPress sites.

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  • Cyfe

    This plugin lets you see your WordPress data inside your Cyfe dashboard.

  • GoSquared

    The official GoSquared for Wordpress plugin to integrate the GoSquared Tracking Code and GoSquared widgets into your Wordpress blog.

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  • Facebook Chat

    Facebook Chat for your site

  • Wordfence Security - Live Traffic Admin Widget

    Monitor your site's real-time live traffic from the Main Dashboard page. This is a Wordfence extension and as such it does require Wordfence Secu

  • Active Preview

    Active Preview provides a new preview link for users to click that creates a new preview window which is updated with changes in real-time.

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  • Twitter real time search scrolling

    This plug-in will scroll the most recent twittered contents from your twitter account.

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  • BoWoB Chat

    Chat for your WordPress. Real-time communication to your users.

  • Spot.IM Comments

    Real-time comments widget turns your site into its own content-circulating ecosystem. Implement an innovative conversation UI and dynamic newsfeed to

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  • Livefyre Sidenotes

    Add annotations to any part of a blog post. Livefyre Sidenotes allows bloggers and readers to annotate content in a simple, mobile-friendly interface

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  • Stats Website

    Description: This plugin allows you to implement the advanced system of statistics of logonike.com. It will help you understand the development of you

  • Online Users

    Widget to show how many users are online

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  • Tallyopia Analytics

    Tallyopia provides real time analytics for single and multisite WordPress installations.

  • Live Updates from Excel Spreadsheets for WP by iPushPull

    Display live updating data from your desktop Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in your WordPress blog. No file saving or importing required.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite real-time plugins missing from our list.

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