19 Most Popular WordPress Reset Plugins

  • WordPress Database Reset

    A plugin that allows you to skip the 5 minute installation and reset WordPress's database back to its original state.

  • WordPress Reset

    Resets the WordPress database back to it's defaults. Deletes all customizations and content. Does not modify files only resets the database.

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  • WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS

    WordPress Twitter Bootstrap CSS lets you include the latest Twitter Bootstrap CSS and Javascript libraries in your WordPress site.

  • Terms of Use

    Forces all users (except admins) to agree to your Terms and Conditions on first login and anytime you choose to make them accept new terms. Alternativ

  • User Role by BestWebSoft

    User Role plugin allows to change wordpress user role capabilities.

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  • WordPress Importer Extended

    Auto import content on plugin activation, or import a file from the server.

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  • Bulk Password Reset

    Bulk Password Reset is a tool which can help you do a bulk password reset on all the users or just specific users within a category.

  • Disable Password Reset

    Enhance security of your blogs by preventing password reset over email function.

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  • WordPress Login :: Red Rokk Widget Collection

    Place the fully functional WordPress login or registration form anywhere on your website using a widget, or a shortcode.

  • Disable Password Reset Extended

    This plugin is used to completely disable the built-in password reset feature in WordPress. Used for high-security purpose ONLY.

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  • Advanced Database Cleaner

    Clean up your database by deleting unused data such as 'revision', optimize your database, or reset it to its initial state, etc.

  • Customizer Reset

    Reset theme customizations made via WordPress Customizer.

  • Reset Permalink

    This plugin adds a \"Reset Permalink\" button to the right of the \"View Post\" button while editing a post to quickly reset the p

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  • New User Password Reset

    Automatically issue a password reset when creating new Users

  • Orbisius Blank Slate

    This plugin allows you to delete content from your WordPress site/blog.

  • Theme Reset

    Resets the theme for all sites in a MultiSite network.

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  • Password Reset for User Messages

    This plugin allows you to reset the password of the users having a given role and email them the new password. This plugin uses the commercial plugin

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  • Plainview Protect Passwords

    Selectively protect passwords from being reset or modified.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite reset plugins.

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