13 Most Popular WordPress Response Plugins

  • Export emails

    Adds an export emails page that allows you to export the email list of your subscribers and the email list of all the people who left comments.

  • Add Headers

    Adds the ETag, Last-Modified, Expires and Cache-Control headers to HTTP responses generated by WordPress for more efficient caching.

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  • Skt NURCaptcha

    NURCaptcha inserts a reCAPTCHA on the Register Form of your site to protect it against spambots.

  • Login Dongle

    The bookmark to login nobody but you. Simple and secure.

  • Simple Site Speed

    Add page load times for admins on the front-end.

  • Mention comment's Authors by Wabeo

    When adding a comment, your users can directly mentioning the author of another comment, like facebook or twitter do,using the "@" symbol.

  • Email Commenters

    Adds a mail icon in the toolbar that allows emailing everyone who commented on a post.

  • Verelo Blog Monitoring Plugin

    Automatically start monitoring your sites uptime and check for hacks/malware from multiple Verelo global locations on a 5 minute rotational schedule.

  • Serverstate

    Dashboard-Widget für Serverstate, das zuverlässige Server Monitoring Tool. Blogausfälle protokollieren, Performance messen.

  • As woocomerce with owl carousel

    As woocomerce with owl carousel is a jquery carousel plugin for WordPress site. This plugin will create a nice Carousel for your Woocomerce Theme web

  • Genesis REST API Integration

    Adds content output from the Genesis framework hooks to the response data for posts, pages, and custom post types when using the WP REST API v2.

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  • AS login

    AS login you can fully customize wordpress login page.

  • As Nice Scroll

    As nice scroll is a jquery plugin for WordPress site. This plugin will create a nice scrollbar for your site.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite response plugins missing from our list.

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