10 Most Popular WordPress Sections Plugins

  • Cornerstone

    Enhanced content management for Wordpress

  • TemplatesNext ToolKit

    Custom Portfolio, Testimonial and Shortcode functionality for TemplatesNext Wordpress Themes

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  • WP Canvas - Shortcodes

    A family of shortcodes to enhance your site functionality.

  • Multiple Themes

    Select different Themes for one or more WordPress Pages, Posts or other non-Admin pages. Or Site Home.

  • WordPress Shortcodes

    An amazing set of great shortcodes: SEO-ready tabs, sections, buttons, links to any content, author cards, lists, layouts, conditionals and more!

  • Etsy360 FREE - Etsy Shop Plugin

    Etsy360 plugin allows Etsy shop owners to access their shop listings and other related shop information to place on their WordPress site

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  • Sections by Wesfed

    This plugin allows you to create admin-manageable content sections across your site. You simply add the small code (php or shortcode) where you would

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  • Post Section Voting

    Divide posts into sections and implement voting for each of them. Great for list-type posts.

  • CIO Custom Fields for Woo

    Simple and easy. Add unlimited custom fields in groups to registration, checkout, profile, my account & product pages with location rules*.

  • Sectionize

    Parses HTML for sections demarcated by heading elements, wraps them in HTML5 section elements, and generates table of contents with links to each.

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