19 Most Popular WordPress Semantic Plugins

  • Add Meta Tags

    A Free yet feature rich metadata plugin that can optimize your web site for more efficient indexing and easier sharing of your content.

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  • YQL Auto Tagger

    The plugin performs an analysis of your post text and suggests tags for you.

  • WP Calais Auto Tagger

    The plugin performs semantic analysis of your posts to suggest tags using Open Calais.

  • Navigation Menu IDs & Classes

    To reduce the extraneous WordPress classes and add unique IDs to navigation menus.

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  • AlchemyTagger

    AlchemyTagger analyzes your writing as you blog, suggesting useful tags to describe and categorize your posts.

  • ABG Rich Pins

    A plugin designed to simplify Pinterest Rich Pins integration on WordPress.

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  • SEO Link Creator

    SEO Link Creator inserts external links in posts. Optionally adds schema.org markup on created links.

  • WP Calais Archive Tagger

    Goes through your archives and adds tags to your posts based on semantic analysis.

  • GoodRelations for WP e-Commerce

    Adds GoodRelations metadata as RDFa to WP e-Commerce plugin

  • Social Semantic Recommendation (SOSERE)

    Display a list of related entries on your site based on an unique, self-learning, socialsemantic network analysis algorithm.

  • wp-RDFa

    wp-RDFa brings the semantic Web to WordPress

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  • DD - Business Card Widget

    A semantic business information widget for wordpress. Sections for business name, address, contact, opening hours and additional information.

  • Semantic Shortcode

    This plugin used for shortcode like Button, Divider, Flag, Header, Icon, Image, Input, Label, List, Reveal, Grid, Message, Accordion, Tab, Transition.

  • WP_Folksonomy

    This plugin allows your readers to add tags to your posts (like Flickr or del.icio.us).

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  • Clean URLs for Tweet Images

    Uses the post title in the URL for tweet images posts. Tweet Images plugin required.

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  • veeeb|s veeebeditor For Wordpress

    This plugin extends the default Wordpress editor with veeeb semantic editor.

  • Ancient World Linked Data for WordPress

    Adds functionality and visual elements to your WordPress site based on links to stable URIs relevant to the study of the Ancient World.

  • webslicer

    This wordpress plugin allow you to add webslices to your blog.

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  • DotSpots

    DotSpots enables anyone to update the news and blogs in real-time with dots: mini-blog posts, including videos, pictures, documents and links.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite semantic plugins.

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