16 Most Popular WordPress Session Plugins

  • BulletProof Security

    WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security... Effective, Reliable, Easy to use...

  • Calculated Fields Form

    Calculated Fields Form is a plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields and display the result.

  • WP Anti Spam

    WP Anti Spam can anti automated spambots or anti spams by"comment","ip","name","email","url".

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  • WP Session Manager

    Prototype session management for WordPress.

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  • Remember Me Controls

    Have "Remember Me" checked by default on logins, configure how long a login is remembered, or disable the "Remember Me" feature al

  • WP Login Timeout Settings

    Configure WordPress Login Timeout through UI (User Interface).

  • Mage Enabler

    A plugin which enables Magento's session to run within WordPress.

  • DD Roles

    Just another DD plugin. Manage your roles and capabilities easy. See who's online and track the history.

  • WP Event Calendar

    The best way to manage events in WordPress

  • Safer Cookies

    Ties the WP session cookie to your IP address so that it can't be used to get access to you blog from another computer.

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  • Content Switcher

    Allows you to easily display a random number, a random or variable content on your website, and to optimize your website with Google Optimizer.

  • Login Only 1 Session

    This plug-in can limit simultaneous login.

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  • Risal Download

    risal-download is a simple scripts to avoid download abuse(either by human or robot).

  • Wordpress Registry

    Makes variables and values globally accessible from everywhere. Better handling of $_GET and $_POST. Session data management.

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  • Exploitify WordPress Security

    Stop annoying botnets and spammers from exploiting your website with Exploitify.

  • Last Seen Posts Widget

    Show title and links to the last 5 posts a user has consulted.

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