16 Most Popular WordPress Signin Plugins

  • Super Socializer

    The unique Social Plugin to let you integrate Social Login, Social Share and Social Comments at your website

  • AccessPress Social Login Lite

    No WordPress account and user credentials to remember, login using any of the most popular 3 social media accounts!

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  • WP Mingle

    The simplest way to turn your standard WordPress website with a standard WordPress theme into a Social Network.

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  • Login-box

    Login-box inserts into all your pages a "lightbox style" login form, that can be opened with Ctrl + E, making faster the authentication proc

  • SpamTrap

    This plugin will make your blog more secure by adding rules which spambots will not pass.

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  • Hidden Login

    Adds Keystroke Enabled Login Functionality

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  • Only one device login limit

    Limit login to one device at a time for a user. Configured options from the admin

  • Secure Access

    Secure your site by requiring users to log in.

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  • Login with Donbaler OAuth

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  • Sign Out Reminder

    Displays a reminder to users to remember to log out whenever they log in to the admin area.

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  • Sovay Secure Identity/Login

    Sovay secures your identity and your WordPress site logins. Authenticate once and securely access all your sites — without password hassles.

  • AA Signin Widget

    It's signin extension from AA Production House.

  • Key Combo Login (ctrl_login)

    This WordPress plugin allows you to reach the login page by simply pressing Ctrl + L.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite signin plugins.

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