11 Most Popular WordPress Skysa Apps Plugins

  • Skysa Facebook Like App

    A Facebook like button which you can configure to like any page on your site or a Facebook fan page.

  • Skysa weather widget

    Skysa weather widget plugin

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  • Skysa Twitter Follow App

    Allows your site visitors to follow your twitter account with one click, without leaving your sitet.

  • Skysa Facebook Fan Page App

    Display information from your Facebook Page in an ajax app window on your site. Also, includes a Facebook like button at the top.

  • Skysa RSS Reader App

    Display interactive summaries from an RSS (or Atom) feed in a dynamic ajax window on your site; customizable RSS feed app button.

  • Skysa Text Ticker App

    Displays a Ticker (Scrolling Message) at the bottom of your site using any text you choose. The message can be clickable, directing to a URL.

  • Skysa Pinterest "Pin It" App

    Let people share (pin) images from any page of your site on Pinterest

  • Skysa YouTube Videos App

    Automatically pulls videos from any YouTube channel and displays them in a dynamic ajax window when the app button is clicked.

  • Skysa Scroll-to-Top App

    Animated scroll-to-top, button floats unobtrusively at the bottom of your site. A great convenience feature for your visitors.

  • Skysa App SDK

    Software Development Kit for creating standalone Skysa Bar apps for WordPress.

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  • Skysa Google +1 App

    A Google +1 button which you can configure to share any page on your site.

Should we add any skysa apps plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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