10 Most Popular WordPress Sticky Bar Plugins

  • WPFront Notification Bar

    Easily lets you create a bar on top or bottom to display a notification.

  • Swifty Bar

    Adds sticky bar at the bottom of post that shows category,post title, author, time needed to read article, share buttons and previous/next post links

  • Webloggerz WP Floating Footer Bar

    This plugin creates a floating footer bar to display random posts from selected categories or via HTML code. Also included social media links.

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  • Peanut Butter Bar (smooth version)

    Peanut Butter Bar allows you to attach sticky bars to the roof of your site that stays visible no matter how far a user scrolls.

  • Sticky Notification Bar For Wordpress

    Sticky Notification Bar is a cool concept of showing a cool bar on top when the user scrolls down your page so that he come back to stop or use the na

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  • WordPress Easy Sticky Notification Bar

    Add an elegant, responsive and clean sticky notification bar on the top of your WordPress site by using the Easy Sticky Notification Bar plugin.

  • NotifySnack

    NotifySnack is a powerful and easy to use online application that allows you to create beautiful smart notification bars for your website.

  • Sticky Recent Random Posts

    `Sticky Recent Random Posts` Plugin lets user to add sticky bar at bottom.

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  • FBar Social

    FBar Social plugin is a social sticky header bar for wordpress that magically appears at a specific pixel.

  • Guerrilla's Sticky Bar

    Add a customizable sticky bar to the top of your website for notifications, promotions and more.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite sticky bar plugins.

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