13 Most Popular WordPress Stories Plugins

  • WP Facebook Timeline (MF Timeline)

    Creates a visual linear timeline representation from your Wordpress posts and other media sources in the style of Facebook Profile Timeline.

  • Storify Stories Slider

    Short code that allows you to easily add a slider displaying the last 20 stories/liked stories of a Storify user in a horizontal or vertical slider.

  • Press75 Long Form Storybuilder

    Tell amazing stories with WordPress and the Long Form Storybuilder plugin.

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  • Kommiku

    Kommiku is a Online Media Viewer.

  • Wordpress UpCloo Plugin

    UpCloo is a cloud based and fully hosted service that helps you to create incredible and automatic correlations between contents of your website.

  • Entertainment News

    Need content? The Entertainment News plugin will display unique articles for your site.

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  • WP Float Related Posts

    A wordpress plugin for increase pageviews by showing popup with related posts.

  • Simple Long Form

    Building longreads has never been so easy with SLF. No knowledge of code is mandatory to enhance your stories and make them scroll.

  • Stories

    Sets up a stories post type.

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  • Story Latest

    Easily place links to the latest posts on a story below each post

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  • Strange News Feed

    The Strange News Feed plugin has been replaced. Please search for the Entertainment News plugin.

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  • Interserve Data Feeds

    Interserve Job Openings, office contact details, stories, and other goodies automatically pulled from our data feed and displayed on your site.

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  • Organize_Stories

    Organize links to the latest posts on a story below each post

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