11 Most Popular WordPress Sync Plugins

  • AutoChimp

    Keep website users and MailChimp mailing lists in sync and create campaigns from posts.

  • Wordpress Flash Uploader

    'Wordpress Flash Uploader' is a replacement of the internal flash uploader which let you also manage your whole Wordpress installation and s

  • Media from FTP

    Register to media library from files that have been uploaded by FTP.

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  • MailChimp User Sync

    Synchronize your WordPress Users with a MailChimp list.

  • WP/LR Sync

    Synchronize your photos, collections, keywords and metadata between Lightroom and WordPress.

  • Post Sync

    Post on multipile remote nodes(include your wordpress site, twitter accout) when you publish a new post.

  • FTP Sync - Theme, Media & Plugin Files

    This plugin allows you to sync local and remote media uploads, theme files, and plugins folders with one click via FTP.

  • photostream-sync

    Synchronize your public iCloud photostreams to your WordPress installation. Import images, create gallery posts, and more.

  • Facebook Comments Sync

    Add the Facebook Comments box to your website and sync it with your Wordpress database; show comment counts and use latest comments widget.

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  • Keyring Social Importers

    Take back control of the content you are creating on other social websites.

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  • BP XProfile WordPress User Sync

    Replaces the default BuddyPress xProfile Name field with First Name and Last Name fields and keeps these in sync with WordPress user profile fields.

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