14 Most Popular WordPress Tagger Plugins

  • Automatic Post Tagger

    Adds relevant taxonomy terms to posts using a keyword list provided by the user.

  • Reftagger

    Reftagger turns Bible references into links to the verse on Biblia.com and adds tooltips with the text of the verse.

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  • YQL Auto Tagger

    The plugin performs an analysis of your post text and suggests tags for you.

  • WP Calais Auto Tagger

    The plugin performs semantic analysis of your posts to suggest tags using Open Calais.

  • TagGator

    TagGator Automatically tag to your posts so you dont have to! Tag your posts based on their contents automatically.

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  • AlchemyTagger

    AlchemyTagger analyzes your writing as you blog, suggesting useful tags to describe and categorize your posts.

  • WP Calais Archive Tagger

    Goes through your archives and adds tags to your posts based on semantic analysis.

  • Scripture Highlighter

    Scripture Highlighter turns your Bible verses into a clickable link that will open a pop-up with the full scripture reference.

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  • Auto Tag Suggest

    Fast and efficient post tagging using multiple tag suggestion APIs, plus mass tag suggestions and editor.

  • Already Existing Tags

    'Already Existing Tags' tries to make your life as blogger easier with the auto tagging function.

  • Reftagger Shortcode

    Reftagger Shortcode creates a button in the TinyMCE visual editor in Wordpress allowing you to easily add semantic Bible markup.

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