15 Most Popular WordPress Theme Switcher Plugins

  • Mobile Smart

    The Mobile Smart plugin allows your Wordpress site to switch your theme if a user visits it using a mobile device, plus adds template tags to help you

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  • Theme Switcher Reloaded

    Theme Switcher Reloaded is an updated and much improved version of the original Theme Switcher. Comes with a widget and can also switch themes via URL

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  • Wordpress Theme Demo Bar

    Wordpress Theme Demo Bar allows any wordpress theme to be previewed without activating it. A demo bar would be shown on top of page, allow users to pr

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  • IJM Theme Switcher Bar

    Add a theme switcher / theme demo bar to your site. Allows users to switch the theme they see on your site.

  • Conditional Themes

    A simple API to switch the themes on certain conditions.

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  • ThemePerPost

    This plugin lets use a different theme for any Post or Page.

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  • Shortcodes Filter

    Filter certain shortcodes out of posts and pages on mobile or desktop display

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  • MDC Theme Switcher

    MDC Theme Switcher allows to change and preview among available themes of a WordPress from front-end.

  • WP Scheduled Themes

    Schedule a theme to display on the live site for holidays or special events. (Available from Appearance - Scheduled Themes)

  • Parallels Themes Switcher

    This plugin allows you to modify/switch the current theme on the live site without interfering the current visitors.

  • User Level Themes

    The User Level Themes plugin allows a site admin to specify the site's theme based on the user's access level.

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  • WP Christmas Class

    WP Christmas Class allows you to dynamically add a custom CSS class to your body tag during a date range of your choosing.

  • K2 Style Switcher

    This WordPress plugin allows site visitors to change the active style in the K2 theme.

  • MobiSwitch

    MobiSwitch creates a simple yet powerful way for you to change your wordpress theme dependant on user device.

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