18 Most Popular WordPress Uri Plugins

  • WP-HTML-Compression

    Reduce file size by shortening URLs and safely removing all standard comments and unnecessary whitespace from an HTML document.

  • Make Clickable

    Converts plaintext URIs in posts or pages to clickable links.

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  • Show Pages List

    Simple plugin that gives you the urls of your pages, posts and everything else.

  • Simple Relative Content

    This plugin makes all attachments urls stored in database relative to the WP_SITEURL url.

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  • Force Domain Redirect

    Forces your Wordpress site to load on the domain registered in the WP admin.

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  • Custom Resources

    Easily load additional styles and scripts (for both front and backend pages). Works by direct inline embedding or by using URL's.

  • Permalink Encoding

    This plugin encodes NON-ASCII characters in pretty permalinks by using Percent-Encoding described in RFC3986.

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  • YCWP QR Me

    YCWP QR Me is a simple plugin that creates and displays QR Code in your blog pages.

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  • WP Get

    WP Get allows you to display content in posts dynamically, based on URL parameters.

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  • Decategorizer

    "Decategorizer" removes 'category base' from your permalinks. Quick setup and no editing required. 301 redirections are added automatically.

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  • MW Theme URI Shortcode

    MW Theme URI Shortcode to make a shortcord outputting theme directory uri.

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  • URL Insert

    This plugin helps you to insert and display your actual blog url.

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  • Save Data:URL images

    This plugin converts Data:URL image in PNG files format. Automation of copy paste images.

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  • API Endpoints

    Add WordPress API endpoints and access your site's data in JSON, XML, RSS/ATOM, YAML or HTML.

  • Normalize URLs

    Normalize URLs makes Wordpress to play more nicely regarding URLs in HTTP Requests.

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  • Self Shortening Permalink URL for Wordpress Blog

    Self Shortening Permalink URL for Wordpress Blog. ATENTION: one of these files, "wp-config.php" or "index.php", must have write ac

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite uri plugins.

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