10 Most Popular WordPress Versions Plugins

  • Download Monitor

    Download Monitor is a plugin for uploading and managing downloads, tracking downloads, and displaying links.

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  • Mail On Update

    Sends an e-Mail to one or multiple administrators if new updates of plugins are available.

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  • Memphis Documents Library

    A documents library for WordPress.

  • Versions

    Plugin for generating version numbers on external resources automatically.

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  • Social Viral Downloader

    This is a "Share to Download" plugin, and works for Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

  • Revert

    A one-click button to revert a post to its previous revision. Handy for when you want to revert without going through the revisions screen.

  • Memphis Sliding Menu

    A sliding menu widget for all your WordPress pages.

  • Ivaldi Information API

    This is a plugin which provides an API for your WordPress-site to retrieve your site-information.

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  • DLM Changelog Add-on

    An add-on for Mike Jolley's Download Monitor which adds version changelog functionality.

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