16 Most Popular WordPress Vietnamese Plugins

  • Nicer permalinks for Vietnamese

    Remove ugly characters like %xx from your permalink

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  • WP Vietnamese URL

    ?ây là plugin giúp chuy?n tr?n v?n chu?i ti?ng Vi?t có d?u thành không d?u cho tiêu ??, cat và tag

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  • Vietnamese Permalink

    Make you Permalink friendly: no space, no accents, no dot, no @... and reset your Permalink if you want

  • Quick Localization (Quick Localisation)

    Quick Localisation allows site admins to patch Wordpress translations of any theme and any plugin without leaving the control panel

  • WP-AVIM-Reloaded

    Plugin này giúp b?n nhúng b? gõ AVIM vào WordPress ch? v?i m?t cú click chu?t. This plugin integrates AVIM into your blog in a snap.

  • Vietnamese slug

    This plugin will help you have a nice permalink in Post, category or tag's slug if your blog in Vietnamese, This is the best version than ever !

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  • Indoeuropean Translator Widget

    Provides links to different automatic translations from the sidebar

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    This plugin integrates AVIM into your blog in a snap.

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  • WP eSmiler

    WP eSmiler is an emoticon plug-in for setuping new smiley set in just one click.

  • Supermalink

    Make your permalink friendly, SEO friendly URLs, clean URLs, etc... add dynamically created permalinks using the short code tag [supermalink]. Need he

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  • Translate with Google and Bing

    WordPress.org has identified this plugin to be spam.

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  • Sweet URLs

    Clean permalink

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any vietnamese plugins in our list.

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