19 Most Popular WordPress View Plugins

  • Admin Menu Tree Page View

    Get a tree view of all your pages directly in the admin menu. Search, edit, view, re-order/sort and add pages – all is just one click away!

  • Post Views Count (Support caching plugins!)

    This plugin counts views for post and pages, shortcodes [post_view] & [most_view] are available, also a widget "Most Viewed Posts" is.

  • Simple Post Views Counter

    This plugin will enable you to display how many times a post has been viewed in total. The total views are displayed in entry meta of each post.

  • AJAX Hits Counter + Popular Posts Widget

    Counts page/posts hits via AJAX. Ideal for nginx whole-page-caching or caching plugins. Popular Posts Widget included.

  • Link View

    Display a link-list or link-slider in a post or page by using a shortcode.

  • WP-Protect (no right clicking, text selection, or image dragging)

    Protect your WordPress site against right clicks, text selection, and image dragging.

  • Super Post

    For any post type and any other extended options for displaying your site post in a better way.

  • Archives Calendar Widget

    Archives widget that makes your monthly/daily archives look like a calendar on the sidebar.

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  • View Own Posts Media Only

    Limits posts and media library items available for contributors and authors by their own (added, uploaded, attached) only.

  • WP Mail Logging

    Logs each email sent by WordPress.

  • Simple Custom Post Types

    WordPress 3.1 and up allow to manage new custom post type, this plugin makes it even simpler, removing the need for you to write any code.

  • WPML flag in menu Extended

    Shows translated flags (for every language except current viewing lang) in selected menu's

  • Subpage View

    A plugin for showing subpages on a given page. Insert shortcode into MCE and a list of subpages will be shown.

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  • Database Peek

    Database Peek allows admins to view the database content in a user friendly and safe way.

  • Post Lists View Custom

    Customize the list of the post and page and the custom post type.

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  • Simple Google Street View

    Adds the functionality for Google Street View windows to your posts and pages without the need of a google API key.

  • Login to view all

    This plugin is designed to help you add hidden contents only visible for the visitor who are logged in.

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  • CYSTEME Finder, a file explorer

    File manager for admin users. Use it to manage all your WordPress site files, no more need to external FTP to upload/delete/edit PHP or any other file

  • Admin Menu Post List

    Display a post list in the admin menu

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