11 Most Popular WordPress Visibility Plugins

  • WP-ShowHide

    Allows you to embed content within your blog post via WordPress ShortCode API and toggling the visibility of the content via a link.

  • My Private Site

    Create a Private Site visible only to your registered users.

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  • JP Widget Visibility

    Specify which widgets appear on which pages of your site.

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  • BuddyPress Activity Privacy

    Add the ability for members to choose who can read/see his activities and media files.

  • Eyes Only: User Access Shortcode

    Show or hide any portion of post content based on usernames, user roles, capabilities, custom groups, or logged-in status.

  • Widget Visibility

    Control which pages your widgets appear on WordPress

  • More Privacy Options

    Add more privacy(visibility) options to a WordPress Multisite Network. Settings->Reading->Visibility:Network Users, Blog Members, or Admins Only

  • Hide Plugins

    Hide installed plugins from clients and other admin users.

  • Content Reveal

    Content Reveal allows you to easily hide and reveal WordPress content, whether it's in the sidebar or in a post or page.

  • Events Manager ESS

    Extends Events Manager Wordpress plugin to import, export and sync events through ESS feeds.

  • Category Visibility-iPeat Rev

    Alter the visibility settings for categories, for WordPress 2.3. Based on an earlier Category Visibility by Rich Hamilton, Keith McDuffee, and Projekt

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite visibility plugins.

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