10 Most Popular WordPress Volunteer Plugins

  • Participants Database

    Build and maintain a fully customizable database of participants, members or anything with signup forms, admin backend, custom lists, and CSV support.

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  • PTA Volunteer Sign Up Sheets

    Easily create and manage sign-up sheets for volunteer activities, while protecting the privacy of the volunteers' personal information.

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  • Sign-up Sheets

    An online sign-up sheet manager where your users/volunteers can sign up for tasks

  • Employee Scheduler

    Complete employee schedule management system: create and display schedule, let employees clock in and out, report expenses.

  • Wired Impact Volunteer Management

    A free, easy way to manage your nonprofit's volunteers.

  • NGP Forms

    Integrate NGP "Classic" (NGP VAN) donation, signup, and volunteer forms with your site.

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  • RSVPMaker Volunteer Roles

    A volunteer tracking add-on to RSVPMaker

  • Volunteer Form

    Provides a smart tag that allows site administrators to provide a form for submissions from volunteers.

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  • Volunteer Project Management

    Provides the functionality where registered users can download a project, do some work on that file, and upload it back to the site for revision.

  • Wordpress Volunteer Project Manager

    Create and manage volunteer projects for your organization.

Should we add any volunteer plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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