18 Most Popular WordPress Webrtc Plugins

  • wpRTC - WebRTC for WordPress

    WebRTC for WordPress allows you to easily create a video chat room utilizing webRTC, which is supported by most of the latest versions of modern brows

  • Bistri Video Conference

    Host a Video Conference right in Wordpress.

  • Tiviclick Video Chat for WordPress

    This plugin will add Tiviclick video chat to your wordpress website.

  • Excitel - Click to call

    Excitel service helps your customers make calls from the site over the Internet for free

  • Bistri Video Call Button

    Show to your visitors that you are available for a video call

  • LeadSecure Live Video Chat

    LeadSecure Live Video chat plugin for WordPress that allows visitors to establish live video chat in the browser without download.

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  • Zingaya Click-to-Call

    Let your website visitors call you. Without a phone. Zingaya enables voice calls through any computer, right from a webpage.

  • Watcheezy Live chat plugin for Wordpress

    A plugin that eases the integration of the Watcheezy live chat application. Please finish the installation/reactivation process by clicking on Watchee

  • Live Support Desk

    Just one click from your own website to contact your support in real time by the media you prefer : chat, voice and/or video. Install it for free!

  • Teledini Engagement Tools

    WebRTC enabled tools that allow click-to chat, call, and/or video between you and your visitors while providing you valuable data about each visitor.

  • Kandy

    Kandy Plugin is a full-service cloud platform that enables real-time communications for business applications.

  • VoxyPAD Click2Call (Chat/Call)

    VoxyPAD Click2Call service, built on collaborative technology, is an platform for sharing data, images with annotation while on chat/call.

  • IzeeChat - Live Chat Plugin

    IzeeChat is a chat, audio and video conferencing solution, allowing you to communicate directly with your visitors.

  • WebRTC for WP SoyDigital

    WebRTC call button easily include with this plugin, widget or via shortcode

  • Multispeak

    Multispeak unlocks a full suite of communication options. Experience live video and audio alongside a robust chat system, in one easy to use interface

  • HEADSTORE Call-Me Button

    HEADSTORE lets you Monetize your know-how using video communication, so people can call you for advice and pay you by the minute.

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite webrtc plugins.

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