15 Most Popular WordPress Webservice Plugins

  • WP SES

    WP-SES redirects all outgoing WordPress emails through Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) for maximum email deliverability.

  • Wordpress SMS

    A complete wordpress plugin to send sms with a high capability. Send SMS via WordPress, Subscribe SMS newsletter and Send SMS to Number(s), Subscribes

  • JSON Content Importer

    Plugin to import, cache and display a JSON-Feed. Connect your Wordpress to an API / Webservice. Display is done with wordpress-shortcode.

  • WordPress Web Service

    WordPress Web Service is used to access WordPress resources via WSDL and SOAP.

  • Tikab SMS

    Send a SMS via WordPress, Subscribe for SMS newsletter and send an SMS to the subscriber newsletter.

  • SMS Widget

    Using a simple shortcode, allow visitors to your website to enter their mobile number and receive a pre-defined SMS text message.

  • YD Webhook to XML-RPC

    Description: Simple Webhook to WordPress XML-RPC gateway.

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  • Affiliate Overview

    Affiliate Overview uses the affilinet web services to create an overview over the publisher account on the Wordpress dashboard.

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  • SMS for WordPress

    SMS for WordPress (sms4wp) ?????? ??????? ?????? ??? ? ????.

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  • Wordpress Json importer

    import post from json or web-services

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  • SimpleAAWS

    This plugin integrates SimpleAAWS (for Amazon Associates Web Service) from http://affilimania.net into wordpress as a sidebar widget. It offers a comp

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  • Wordpress RAVEN SMS

    Send a SMS via WordPress using Airtelco srl services.

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  • WPoniOS

    WPoniOS - Rest API is a plugin which provide a rest interface in WordPress CMS.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite webservice plugins.

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