11 Most Used WordPress Action Plugins

  • inSite for WP: Personalization Made Easy

    inSite is the simplest way to personalize your site. Utilize popups, a notification bar, and more features to increase engagement and conversions.

  • HookPress

    HookPress turns your WordPress-internal hooks into webhooks. Possible uses include generating push notifications or extending WordPress with non-PHP.

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  • SideOffer

    SideOffer is a sliding side tab designed to generate leads & increase conversions by displaying a highly visible call to action for your users

  • Respond (advertising and social sharing with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn)

    Respond is a simple way to earn extra revenue through 'call to action' buttons. Respond is also an easy way share through social networks.

  • Simply Show Hooks

    Simply Show Hooks helps theme and plugin developers to quickly see where all the action and filter hooks are on any WordPress page.

  • WP Ajax Search Widget

    Displays instant search results directly beneath a search widget.

  • Mobile Contact Bar

    Allow your visitors to contact you via phone, email, or Social Media

  • Auto Post

    Creates posts automatically serving as a Task Scheduler module.

  • Task Scheduler

    Provides a task management system.

  • BP Admin Actions

    Let admin do some more stuff with users - adding them to any group manually from members list

  • OrbitCarrot CTA Widget Manager

    The easiest way to create Call to Actions as widgets on your Wordpress site. Customize your own CTA style or use pre-designed ones.

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