20 Most Used WordPress Adblock Plugins

  • Plugrush

    A plugin to use PlugRush on your wordpress enabled site. Easily add PlugRush widgets to your sidebar or theme, enable popunders or mobile redirects.

  • Adblock Notify by b*web

    Detect Adblock and nofity users. Simple plugin with get around options and a lot of settings. Dashboard widget with counter & statistics included!

  • Ad Blocking Detector

    Tired of missed opportunities because of pesky ad blocker browser extensions, add-ons, and plugins? Fight back with Ad Blocking Detector today!

  • Adblock Blocker

    Detect visitors who use AdBlock software.

  • Better Stop Adblock

    Rileva e Blocca i Visitatori che usano Adblock o hanno i Javascript disabilitati. Detects and Blocks Visitors who use Adblock or have Javascript disab

  • NoAdblock Nice Message

    This plugin shows a friendly message to the users with any adblock extension on their browser. The plugin just suggests to disable the adblock for you

  • Anti-AdBlock

    This plugin displays a notification message to visitors with AdBlock on, humbly asking them to turn it off.

  • Buy Sell Ads

    This plugin has been deprecated in favor of the official BuySellAds plugin.

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  • BAN - Blocked Ads Notifier Lite

    A great way to detect adblock software and display notices to users upon detection.

  • Anti-block

    Alert your visitors that they are using ad-blocking software and present them with a nice message telling them to switch it off for your site.

  • No Adblock

    This plugin will disable your visitors who using Adblock plugins.

  • PopUp Anyway

    Add PopUp advertisement easily, it is not affected with any AdBlock! and compatible with all major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera.

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  • Google Adsense Adblock Tracker

    Detects if user is using adblock or not and sends the tracking data to google analytics.

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  • adBlock Alerter

    Detects if a user is using adBlock, adBlock Plus or any other software that might be disabling ads on your website and prompts them to disable it.

  • Adblock invite (Yes adblock)

    Detects if the visitor have AdBlock (or another) plugin/extension installed and if not, gives URL to download it

  • WordPress AdBlock Blocker

    The WordPress AdBlocker Blocker is designed for one purpose, to block visitors to your website who use FireFox AdBlocker.

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  • Ad Blocking Advisor

    Add a simple and elegant banner that will display to visitors who have ad blocking software installed, advising them to white list your site.

  • AdBlock X

    Plugin designed to help you examine ad-blockers' impact on your website(s).

  • Ad Block Detective

    Detects most ad block users and offers differnt methods to react to them.

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  • Sorry AdBlocker

    This plugin will detect users using AdBlock software Crystal and other AdBlock tools.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite adblock plugins.

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