17 Most Used WordPress Adobe Plugins

  • ShowTime Slideshow

    This plugin displays all images attached to a post/page as an animated slideshow.

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  • WP Edge Animate OAM Renderer

    Allows and renders OAM [Adobe Edge Animate](http://html.adobe.com/fr/edge/animate/) files in posts. Contribute on http://www.github.com/ekino/wp-oam-r

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  • Insert or Embed Adobe Captivate Content into Wordpress

    Quickly embed or insert Adobe Captivate content into a post or page.

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  • Flash Media Playback

    The Flash Media Playback plugin allows you to easily embed a video component hosted by Adobe based on the Open Source Media Framework ().

  • Adobe Analytics for WordPress by RepEquity

    Facilitates integration with the Adobe Analytics library.

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  • Adobe XMP for WP

    Access Adobe XMP / IPTC information from Media Library and NextGEN Gallery images using a Shortcode or PHP Class.

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  • Buooy Aviary Editor

    Buooy Aviary Editor allows you to utilize the powerful Aviary Photo Editor to make changes right from the WordPress Admin.

  • iOS Alternate Theme

    Automatically switch to an alternate theme for Apple iOS devices (iPod, iPhone, iPad).

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  • Digital Publishing Tools for WordPress

    Digital Publishing Tools for WordPress allows anyone to create HTML articles for Adobe's Digital Publishing Solution directly from WordPress.

  • peq Leia Mais spry adobe

    Abra e Feche um resumo de conteudo de forma pratica.

  • tecinfor-wave - By Michel Melo

    This is a plugin for feeding Adobe Wave. It sends a request to the feed when a blog post has been published.

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  • peq Pop Up spry adobe

    Abre conteúdo dinamico de um post em uma janela


    DL-MENU is a GUI component that generates a tab menu based on your pages. Color scheme your whole website using the Adobe Kuler API. Version 1.1: 1.

  • Zend AMF Interfaces

    The Zend AMF interfaces contain everything you need for using Adobe's Action Message Format protocol in order to run Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR applicat

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Should we add any adobe plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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