15 Most Used WordPress Alternative Plugins

  • VideoWhisper Live Streaming Integration

    The VideoWhisper Live Streaming software can easily be used to add video broadcasting features to WordPress sites and live video streams on blog pages

  • Image Store

    Image Store (ImStore) is a photo gallery and store plugin for WordPress with Paypal and Google Checkout integration.

  • Video Share VOD

    Video Share / Video on Demand (VOD) plugin allows WordPress users and admins to share videos and others to watch from various devices.

  • VideoWhisper Video Presentation

    Implement live video presentation and consultation rooms for moderated, 2 way, few to many, group video conferencing. Sell access to rooms.

  • Text Obfuscator

    Replaces words and phrases in your posts' content with alternative words and phrases.

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  • FirmaSite Members Menu

    You can select alternative menus to theme locations for showing only to the logged in members.

  • Fliiby

    Fliiby embed plugin. Allows you to easily upload, embed and monetize videos, photos, audios, flash games, documents and files on your site/blog.

  • Shared Users Reloaded

    Share Wordpress users and assign roles between multiple blogs without using wordpress MU or multi-site.


    Simple customisable plugin that makes changing image ALT tags, easy and effortless work.

  • Tags for Media Library

    Features for using taxonomy tags with Media Library. Also converts NextGEN Gallery images to WordPress Media Library images.

  • Click skin - Website enhancements and an alternative to banner ads

    Website enhancements and an alternative to banner ads.

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