18 Most Used WordPress Animate Plugins

  • Page Transition

    Page Transition is a simple and easy wordpress plugin used to add page transition using CSS3 animations. Show your page with modern animations.

  • Responsive slider / slideshow

    Simple & lightweight responsive slider plugin.

  • Page Animations And Transitions

    Page Animations And Transition is provide multiple Animation effect to your WordPress site. Show your page with stylish transition.

  • Responsive jQuery Slider

    Responsive jQuery Slider - jQuery Cycle 2 with Animate.css with some really cool animations.

  • WP Edge Animate OAM Renderer

    Allows and renders OAM [Adobe Edge Animate](http://html.adobe.com/fr/edge/animate/) files in posts. Contribute on http://www.github.com/ekino/wp-oam-r

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  • The Welcomizer

    This plugin allows you to quickly animate your WordPress blog.

  • Easy Textillate

    Very beautiful text animations (shortcodes in posts and widgets or PHP code in theme files).

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  • Merry Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas! Santa is flying here with gifts, happiness, candies and snow and much, much more. Come on in and check us out!

  • Animate Content

    This plugin allow you to animate content when user use the scroll bar by Devictio

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  • imPress

    Create amazing presentations with Wordpress and Impress.js

  • WP Transitions

    Automatically adds CSS transitions to your Wordpress website/blog and Wordpress Admin Elements with hover/active/focus

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  • Customize Woocommerce

    The Customize Woocommerce Plugin enables eCommerce shop owners to easily edit any feature of their Woocommerce Store, and create custom category pages

  • Onelinerz-free Plugin

    This plugin will randomly display a funny oneliner from our Onelinerz-free plugin in the upper right of your admin screen as well as a colorized, anim

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  • Typed Js

    Typed Plugin. Enter in any string, and watch it type at the speed you've set :).

  • Motion

    Motion WordPress Plugin provide user friendly solution to beautiful CSS3 animations.

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite animate plugins.

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